Research is the thrust area of MedRx as we are focused on introducing new advanced medical solutions and products. We have a sophisticated R & D facility equipped with modern equipment and facilities. A highly experienced multidisciplinary team is working at our R&D lab.

The objective is to develop new, cost effective drug delivery system and various dosage forms like controlled release, immediate release, melt in the mouth, effervescent, cream, ointment, lyophilized preparations, liquid injections, powder filled vials, depot injections, ophthalmic products etc. in key therapeutic segments in addition to the conventional dosage forms.

We view our R&D capabilities as a vital component of our business that will provide our company with a sustainable, long term competitive advantage.

R&D at MedRx ensures:

  • Pre-formulation studies to check bio-chemical action of ingredients.
  • Trials to assess efficiency and reproducibility of formulation (process validation).
  • Stability study following ICH guide-line to check physical, chemical, and microbiological aspects of formulation.
  • Standardize processes for uniform quality.
  • Transfer of technology to production department.
  • Analytical method validation.

Highly spirited and experienced molecular biologists, microbiologists, pharmacists and biochemists are involved in R&D of MedRx. We provide overseas training to develop our scientists. Technical and knowledge sharing collaboration is in the offing with overseas research institutes. We are preparing ourselves to enter into basic research within the shortest possible time.