We believe that business is a combined effort that demands the involvement and commitment of entrepreneurs, workers, staffs, consumers and community as a whole. The MedRx Foundation was formed in August 2013 with the view of sharing benefits of the business with community.

The MedRx Foundation is much more than a charity because it represents a genuinely sustainable and fair way of doing business. This ‘way’ acknowledges that social justice and the environment are integral elements in any business process not as options or part of a marketing led Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy but as a core feature of the business objectives.

MedRx Foundation‘s primary focus is on three important issues:

  • Mother & Child Health
  • Education

Intra-partum, post-natal and neonatal cares have the potential to save 20-40% of newborn lives. However to date, post-natal care for mothers and newborns has received relatively little emphasis in public health programs in Bangladesh, with only a tiny minority of mothers and babies in high-mortality settings receiving post-natal care. Care at birth and in the first days of a newborn baby not only saves the lives of mothers and newborns, but also reduces serious complications that may have long-term effect.

Although the official age for primary education starts at six, the number of pre-primary aged children in primary classes are decreasing over time. Still rural parents are interested in engaging their children at work to earn money rather than sending them to school for education.

MedRx Life Science Limited has made it mandatory for all the employees to ensure at least JSC level education for their children and marriage of their daughters once they are 18 years old.

MedRx Foundation provides support for their children’s education and marriage. We believe small care and awareness can change a lot in this segment for healthy pregnancy and safe birth of a child. A healthy mother can ensure a healthy baby and a healthy baby is the future of the country.

Free medical checkup and assistance is provided to the employees and their family members for free. Specialist consultations are arranged once in a month.

Health line provides free consultations for the employees. They are provided with free medicines from the company.

Apart from the employees, these services will be provided to the villagers and awarded in the coming days.

Scholarship will be awarded to the meritorious students so that they can continue with their studies. After completion of their formal education, jobs will be offered as per their merit and skills.