MedRx has got a young, innovative and proactive marketing team consisting of pharmacists, medical graduates, business graduates, nutritionists etc. The marketers are working round the clock to provide the latest information to valued medical professionals.

We are trying to bring a new dimension in Bangladesh pharmaceutical marketing, so that the products can be promoted in a simpler and effective way.

For the ‘First time in Bangladesh’ MedRx has introduced:

  1. Audio-Visual detailing
  2. E-promotion
  3. Support line
  4. Automated feedback system
  5. Doctor-patient support system
  6. Conferencing with doctors
  7. Training and Development etc.


MedRx envisions becoming one of the leading companies in Bangladesh as well as in global market within the shortest possible time. Thus we are working hard to launch new products and presenting them in an innovative way to the customers with a view to capture more market share.

The dynamic sales team of MedRx has got more than 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry. They are intelligent, smart and proactive. Each and every member of the sales team has to undergo extensive training programs on pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, bio-chemistry, physiology, chemistry etc. beside product and selling skills. Continuous training keeps them up to date about the products and market.

The key responsibility of the sales personnel is to visit doctors and provide them latest information about our products and recent developments in medical science. Apart from in-house training programs, sales forces are trained by renowned experts and also sent for overseas trainings.