MedRx Animal Health unit mainly produces medicines and nutritional products for poultry, ruminants and fisheries.

Poultry is considered as an important source of animal protein in Bangladesh. Here people consume the lowest percentage of protein than the minimum requirements because of inadequate supply of protein generating food products. Poultry meat and egg effectively fulfill the shortage of protein requirement as it can be produced at a lower cost, lower time and effort than the other protein producing animals.

Commercial poultry industry is growing at the rate of 6.5% in Bangladesh. There are approximately 55000 commercial poultry farms housing more than 115 million chickens and 13.47 million ducks in Bangladesh.

Dairy is another important source of protein in Bangladesh. We are mainly dependent on cow meat and milk. We have 24.5 million cows and 0.9 million buffalos out of which 4.9 million are milking cows and 0.3 million are milking buffalos. Bangladesh dairy industry is mainly dominated by local breed. Out of 4.9 million milking cows, 4.2 million are local breed and 0.7 million are crossed breed. Our country needs 7.227 million ton milk calculating 120ml per head, out of which we produced only 2.686 million ton and met up our requirement by importing 52 thousand ton milk power from abroad. Still we have a deficit of 3.91 million ton milk. After deducting the imported milk, we need to produce an additional 4.5 million ton milk. By improving ruminant health condition, we may produce an additional 3.7 million ton milk per annum.

Fish is the most important source of protein in our country. The main sources of fish are rivers and sea. Commercial fish cultivation has started strongly for last ten years, besides traditional cultivation.

As most of the research based products like enzymes, pobiotics, acidifiers etc. are not produced by the local companies, foreign products are enjoying a good share. At present, medicine requirements for poultry, ruminants and fisheries are satisfied by local & foreign products.

Our objective is to manufacture import substitute products with foreign collaboration to ensure cost effective solutions for the farmers.

Through our range of products, we would like to contribute to the growing animal health sector and take part in the fulfillment of protein needs of the country.