MedRx Life Science Limited is a new generation pharmaceuticals company led by some dedicated pharmaceutical professionals having decades of experience in leading pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

The objective of the company is to fill up the gaps existing in the pharmaceutical market through import substitute products, advanced dosage forms and innovative marketing strategy.

MedRx has the onboard panoply of professionals consisting pharmacists, microbiologist, biochemists, molecular biologists, chemists, medical graduates, veterinarians, nutritionists, certified accountants, business graduates etc. who are experienced in their respective fields.

The board of directors consists of personnel from different disciplines, who are well known at home and abroad for their achievements.

The manufacturing facility of MedRx Life Science Limited has located about 100 Km from the center of Dhaka City. The total built up production area is about 36,000 square feet which is consists of solid, liquid, semi-solid and parenteral products manufacturing facility.

The site also has houses for R&D lab, QA, IPC and Microbiology lab. It also has temperature controlled warehouse for raw materials, packaging materials and finished goods. Separate canteen for workers and officers are hygienically maintained and healthy food is being served as advised by the nutritionists.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant complies UK MHRA, and EU GMP. The machinery and equipment of the company is imported from renowned suppliers of Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China. The HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System) is from Hitachi, Japan. Demineralization and Distillation plant of European standard.

Since inception, MedRx has been focusing on launching new, innovative and import substitute products in order to fulfill the unmet demands of the medical community. The focus has been on bringing new technologically advanced molecules to serve the people better. MedRx envisions to launch Hormones and Biotech products. The company is already made agreement with US based Pharmaceutical Company.

The company specializes in value added and advanced dosage forms, such as sustained release tablets, quick mouth dissolving tablets, barrier coated delayed release tablets among others. It has established a modern research and development laboratory for the development of new advanced dosage forms.

Considering increasing demand of Medico- Cosmetics products MedRx has made agreement with Thailand based Biotechnology Company who has done research on Skin tones of Bangladeshi men/women and developed customized products suiting Bangladeshi skin tones. As per the agreement MedRx will manufacture Dermatology products with patented nano-encapsulation technology.

MedRx has a very competent and experienced sales team, which promotes specialties throughout the country. The sales territory of the company is designed to cover important rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. Its distribution channel is strong enough to reach the distant corners of the country.

MedRx envisions to become a leading research based pharmaceutical company with global presence within the shortest possible time. With this view, it has already started to expand its business in overseas markets and finalized few agreements. It also has alliance with world renowned pharmaceutical companies. The company is going to start fundamental research soon.

“MedRx envisions to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices for all.”