MedRx Pharmaceutical Unit specializes in value added and advanced dosage forms, such as sustained release tablets, quick mouth dissolving tablets, barrier coated delayed release tablets among

Animal Health

MedRx Animal Health unit mainly produces medicines and nutritional products for poultry, ruminants and fisheries. Poultry is considered as an important source of animal protein

Consumer Health Care

The consumer healthcare business brings an added dynamic dimension to our company, but, as for all of our products, the driving force behind our consumer healthcare business is science

International Business

MedRx is spreading its wings in global market. As a part of its business expansion process Medrx is in the verge of starting international operations. MedRx has opened its window for global

Welcome to MedRx

MedRx Life Science Limited is a new generation pharmaceutical company led by some dedicated pharmaceutical professionals having decades of experience in leading pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

The objective of the company is to fill up the gaps existing in the pharmaceutical market through import substitute products, advanced dosage forms and innovative marketing strategy. Read more

“MedRx envisions to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices for all.”

Product Of The Month

The ultimate solution for calcium deficiency

Calomed helps in:

  • Maintaining strong bones & teeth.
  • Helping to avoid muscle cramps.
  • Helping the body to metabolize iron.
  • Relieving minor pain.
  • Supporting the regularity of heart beat.
  • Reducing Stress.
  • Increasing alertness.

Calomed is a preparation of Calcium Orotate, a Calcium supplement. It is known to provide prevention for bone decalcification. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.  Only Calcium Orotate penetrates directly through the cell membrane, delivering calcium to the interior of the cell where the absorption rate is 95%.

Managing Director

Mahmud Hasan

Mahmud Hasan has over 17 years’ experience in pharmaceutical marketing, international business… Read more



Animal Health

Consumer Health Care

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